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At Mondo Agit, our advertising material translations are carried out by specialists who are highly skilled and experienced in carrying out translations of this kind.

This kind of translation is carried out by native professionals with great imagination and resources, resulting in a superior quality.

Translation technologies play a highly important role in translation, as they offer greater terminological consistency.


Advertising material translations may be split into two key parts:

  • Reading and understanding the text. This is only possible if the translator understands the meaning of the many puns, word plays and images typically found in advertising material.
  • Writing the translation. In order to carry out this second step, the translator must be able to write correctly and have a strong command of the source language. For this reason, it is essential to use native or bilingual translators.

Once the text has been translated, it is sent for proofreading and correction, which is carried out by native translators or proofreaders.


Additional information on advertising material translations

The translation of advertising material plays an increasingly important role in businesses’ wishing to sell their products worldwide marketing management systems. To make this possible, translators not only have to be able to adapt texts linguistically, but on a cultural level too.

When targeting ever more distant markets, businesses must choose a strategy: to either internationalise their advertising material or create it directly in the place they are targeting. In both cases, especially the first, translators are what bring the project to fruition, though not only as translators, but linguistic and cultural advisors, too.

Translating or “adapting” a product may affect its entire contents: the brand or trade name, the slogan, the body of the text, and even the images and founding idea of the campaign, all the while taking into account the target audience and society.


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