Anniversary – principles

Mondo Agit was established five years ago. Since the creation of concept in July 2005, these years have been full of experience: learning, meeting people, problems and solutions, good and not so good moments… Yet we would like to thank everyone who has accompanied us and made this experience possible, those who have been and are still there for us and we sincerely hope this continues.

The Mondo Agit agency started by offering translations and a little later we expanded our services to include interpreting. After this, we included localisation of websites and software. Our most recent services, subtitling and transcription, were incorporated two years ago.

At the start of the sixth year of existence of Mondo Agit, we have decided it is time to review our principles that have always been rooted in our company. After an in depth review, bearing in mind five years of vast experience, we have come to the conclusion that we do not want to eliminate nor modify any of the principles that have guided us here so well. Instead, we would like to add some of our thoughts and share them with our clients, partners and friends.

Our thoughts

1. What is good for the client is good for us. We are concerned with giving our client what they need, nothing more and nothing less. There is no doubt that with the growth of the client comes the growth of the supplier.  There are many examples of this amongst our clients.

2. Confidence, and in order to ensure this, the wish to be clear and transparent at all times. We follow well defined procedures that allow us to make the best offer from the start, without obliging the client to bargain in order to receive it.  However, we also continue to adapt to the needs of the client at all times.

3. Equality between client and agency. We believe that the power relations between the service provider and the client should be fair and balanced, in such a way that both parties can help each other and move forward together.

We are sure that in doing good work and being faithful to our principles, the clients will rely on us. By offering an agreeable deal and fair, well-defined conditions the collaborators will want to continue working with us.

Therefore, it is not a question of looking for shortcuts (which, after all, are what contribute towards an unstable relationship); the important thing is to look for a sustainable, durable and positive relationship for everyone.

4. Transparency. We make our rates and conditions clear, there are no great secrets here, we will answer whatever questions you may have.
Both our clients and our collaborators and competitors can access any information of interest via our website.

5. Do what is right, act in good faith. We look for a solution that benefits everyone, hence, for example, our free translation initiative PerMondo. It is not a question of giving things away, but of exchange, being honest and not deceiving anyone, of finding equilibrium. We battle for our balance, but with as little damage as possible and we become an essential part of society.
The best agreement without doubt is when both parties have benefited from the exchange.
Therefore, returning to our fundamental principles:

We would like to offer the greatest quality by being professional and by assuring that the client knows us and can trust us.

We would like to offer the best service by having a sound knowledge of our clients and supporting them.

We want to be quick and reliable. We know that even a small delay could mean a loss of opportunity for our client.

We would like to be flexible, because if we are not, we cannot solve new problems. If we are not capable of solving new problems, we will not have achieved one of our objectives, being competent, to be one of the best.
In short, Mondo Agit takes its work seriously, we know that the client needs us and we need the client.

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