Starting a business in Portugal


Today, we have an interview with Paula Pinto Ribeiro on how to expand your business within the Portuguese market:

Interviewer: Hi Paula, let’s get started with the questions for those who want to start a business in Portugal.

In your opinion, and from an economic point of view, where is the most interesting area to base your business? Does it vary depending on the type of business (factories, tourism, retail, offices…)?Read more

Interview with Paco Izquierdo of Rolled Steel


Wikimedia Commons; By: Eugen Nosko, Deutsche Fotothek

Sabrina: What exactly does your company do and what is your role within the business?

Paco: Rolled Steel has a general involvement in the trading of steel and, of course, with the raw materials necessary to produce it. Our job consists of contacting producers and consumers with the aim of helping them to reach an agreement and make a sale.

We normally work with importing steel into Spain and exporting it elsewhere, too.

In terms of my job, I’m the company administrator. However, the business is based on trading, and my job essentially involves making contact with customers and producers to make sure they’re reliable and fast, and closing deals.Read more

How to open a branch of your company in Russia

Cathedral in moscow

CC BY-SA 3.0; By Alessio Damato

As promised in our last entry, here is the interview with Irena:

Hi Irena, thanks for giving us the opportunity to ask you some questions for those who are thinking of expanding their business in Russia.

So, in general, what do Russian customers value the most? What do you need to do to gain people’s trust and sell in Russia?

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Opening a branch office abroad – Internationalising your company


Before starting a business or opening a branch office in another country, you should bear in mind that what works within your market may not work in others.

As well as the product or service itself, the legal side of things (legislation, bureaucracy, taxes…) is also extremely important, especially if you intend to break into a market in a country with a very different legal and administrative framework to that in place in the European Union.

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