Interview with Marijke Foundation


Interview with Han Kruyswijk (Mr.), Secretary of the Marijke Foundation (December 17, 2014)

Aujourd’hui, l’intiative PerMondo, (qui offre des traductions gratuites pour les associations sans but lucratif) a un entretien avec M. Han Kruyswijk.

  1. What exactly is it what you are doing?

The Symptomatrix Team of the Marijke Foundation, we have developed a dedicated and scientifically based symptom checker, the Symptomatrix, for Early Recognition and Early Diagnosis of two Rare Diseases: Giant Cell Arteriitis (GCA) and Polymyalgia Rheumatica (PMR). The diseases are usually hard to recognize and to diagnose for family doctors and specialists.Read more

Art book Willi Baumeister – Creator from the Unknown

epub coverMondo Agit presents the translation of the art book Willi Baumeister – Creator from the Unknown, written by Brigitte Pedde and translated from the German into English by Michael Hariton.

This monograph provides an overview of the artistic work and life of Willi Baumeister (1889-1955). The book is available as an eBook, PDF and as a print-on-demand and published under the BY-NO-SA CC licence.

The English version was created in close cooperation between the Willi Baumeister Foundation and Mondo Agit in 2014. Free downloadable PDF versions of the German and English book are made available by the Foundation

Hello, Mondo!


We’ve finally got the Mondo Agit blog going. Here, you will find articles on translation, culture, language, marketing, psychology, business and more.

The idea is to publish a post every 20 to 30 days, but we will see how we go.

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PerMondo: an initiative based on collaboration and synergy

It has been five years since Mondo Agit began to collaborate with PerMondo on website localisation and translation of texts for not-for-profit organisations. Since then, we have supported associations from all over the world, such as Action Contre la Faim, SOS Children’s Villages, Bezev e.V., CEAR, Club of Rome, Cultural Planet, ELIANT, Fair, Fundación Manantial, Organic Vision, Shelterbox, Welthaus, WWF and many others.

The free translation initiative was launched in 2009 and, with Mondo Agit’s support, it has carried out some 200 free translation projects. In this way, huge numbers of web pages have been translated for a range of associations; as varied in their aims as their geographical location, making it possible for them to spread their message across the world. Read more

European Commission to eliminate the Apostille

The Commission has proposed to scrap the bureaucratic stamps that are currently issued in order for documents to be recognised in other member states of the European Union. This would mean the end of the “Apostille”, a certificate used to authenticate public documents.

The measure would not affect the validity of the content or the motives of the documents themselves; it would simply be a case of getting rid of the tags attached to documents that prove their authenticity.  The aim of this would be to save in translation costs as well as to cut bureaucracy and processing times.

Twelve categories of public documents would be affected by the proposal, including those related to name, marriage or registered partnership, birth and adoption. Also proposed are optional, multilingual forms in all official EU languages.


Source (24.04.2013):


Mondo Agit, a company where interpretation works

Mondo Agit began offering interpretation services in 2007 and now, with an assignment nearly every day, it has become one of best-preferred agencies amongst companies in need of professional interpretation services.

Our ability to consistently deliver a service that meets the needs of our clients has placed us amongst the most important interpretation agencies in Europe.

Interpretation in over 50 European cities!


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Change to national transfers, SEPA


They have recently been using the term “SEPA” a lot in the banking world. But what is it? And what does it consist of?

SEPA stands for “Single Euro Payments Area”. The SEPA makes it possible to pay, without using cash, from any account inside the area, under the same conditions as domestic payments.
The SEPA covers all Member States of the EU, in addition to Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway and Switzerland.Read more

Pay with credit or debit card through our Virtual POS

Verified visaAs well as cash payment or by bank transfer, Mondo Agit offers the possibilty to all of it’s national and international clients, whether business or independent to pay by credit or debit card in a completely secure way. This way you will save time and money when contracting interpretation or translation services with our agency.Read more

Escort/Attendant Service for fairs, visits and congresses – “low cost” interpreting

The translation for those who don’t need a professional interpreter

Once again, with the aim of adapting ourselves to the continually changing circumstances of the market, Mondo Agit sets “low cost” prices for the escort or attendant service for fairs, visits and congresses.

Mondo Agit has decided to set this low cost tariff with the prospect of filling a niche in the market to which, until now, it had not devoted much attention. It is not only a case of satisfying the client’s needs that have not been met and taking advantage of a business opportunity, but also offering a good employment opportunity to innumerable young students in the last years of university study and those that have recently graduated, who find themselves facing difficulties entering the job market.Read more

New VAT law in Spain

Anyone who has dealings with Spanish companies will be interested to know that from 1st January 2014, Spanish Law 14/2013 of 27th September will come into force regarding support for entrepreneurs and internationalisation, a law which is similar to that already in effect in the UK and other countries.

Among other things, this new Law includes the possibility of taking advantage of the special cash accounting scheme, which is also known in Spain as cash VAT. Read more