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At Mondo Agit, our contract translations are carried out by native specialists, the majority of whom have studied some sort of legal degree and are also highly skilled and experienced in carrying out translations within their specialist area.

Customers may also opt for the certified translation service for any kind of contract, where necessary.

Our contract translations, carried out by native translators specialised in the subject area, and later proofread by other experts, are highly reliable and of superior quality.

Translation technologies play a highly important role in translation, as they offer greater terminological consistency and reduce costs.


The translation of contracts, like any other translation, may be split into two key parts:

  • Reading and understanding the text. This is only possible if the translator knows and understands the many technicalities that characterise legal texts.
  • Drawing up the contract. In order to carry out this second step, the translator must be able to write correctly, have a perfect knowledge of the relevant legal terms in the target language and a strong command of the source language. For this reason, it is essential to use native or bilingual translators. An important aspect to bear in mind when translating contracts is their rigidity: in some situations, even the slightest change to the wording may lead to a misinterpretation.

Once the contract has been translated, it is sent for proofreading and correction, which is carried out by native translators or proofreaders.


Additional information on contract translation

Contracts are explicit agreements signed by two parties, which govern their relationship based on compliance with a series of provisions that regulate a particular purpose.

Contract translations, which come und er the umbrella of legal translation, stand out due to the specific format of the document and the conventions that characterise it. Furthermore, the accuracy of the legal terms and expressions they contain is of vital importance, as an error could mean changes to one part of the contract, modifying with it its terms and possible legal applications.

The translator must therefore also be familiar with the legal system under which the original contract was written. The most common contracts we work with include employment contracts, contracts of sale, non-disclosure agreements, insurance contracts, works contracts, service contracts, etc.


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