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Escort interpretingIn  this type of interpretation, the interpreter accompanies the client to events such as fairs and cultural events, for example guided visits, visiting factories, tourism in cities, formal dinners, etc., where a language which the client does not speak is spoken.

This kind of interpreting is generally contracted by small groups or individuals. The advantage is that the contact between the client and the interpreter is more direct and close, which allows you to explain cultural peculiarities and give advice on how to behave in the right manner according to the situation.

The accompanying interpreter translates what is said into the foreign language to the client, and expresses what the client wants to ask or say in the foreign language. The interpreter’s mother tongue is not relevant in this type of interpretation, although, of course, they must have a very good level in both languages. As in other types of interpretation, it is very important that the interpreter knows in detail both the local and the client’s culture.

To carry out escort interpreting, it is not necessary to exhaustively prepare as in other types of interpretation, and it often isn’t even necessary to have a professional interpreter. It is a spontaneous and free form of communication and one which does not require any form of technical equipment.

Low Cost Escort/Attendant Service

For those who do not need a professional interpreter, Mondo Agit offers, under the name Escort/Attendant Service, the low cost version of this service.

Limitations of the low cost option:

  • It is not a professional interpreting service. That is, it is not a service provided by a professional interpreter with an accredited qualification and/or extensive experience in the field of interpreting. This service is provided by students, recent graduates or people with sufficient knowledge of the languages requested for the escort service. The guarantees offered by the agency are limited to the fact that the escort will be capable of expressing themselves fluently in the contracted languages.
  • This service does not include advance preparation on the part of the escort interpreter.

To book the low cost version of this service, remember to indicate it on the quote request.

To find out more about where we offer our escort interpreting services, see our interpreters by city page.


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