Free translation for NGOs

The Project
Mondo Agit is an agency that works with language and with new technologies, especially the Internet, therefore we have decided to help where we can be of most use, with our expertise, by offering a free website and text translation service for non-profit organisations.

Obviously we cannot translate any type of text for free, since translation, even when done over time, either by voluntary external collaborators or ourselves, incurs a high cost. The translation and localisation of 1,500 to 2,000 words takes at least a day’s work. For this reason we have decided to establish certain conditions, which you will find under the heading requirements.

How to join and benefit from this service
If you belong to an association or initiative that complies with the requirements, access our application form for organizations and complete it according to the instructions.

If you wish to collaborate
If you want to collaborate, the first thing you can do is spread the word, and if you know of any initiative that complies with the requirements or you are a member of it, let us know.

If you feel capable and want to collaborate as a translator in this project, access the voluntary translators section or complete the application form for volunteers directly.

There are many forms of collaborating and trying to make this a better world, or at least trying to stop it from deteriorating; many reasons to stand up and take action, become indignant and try to stop injustice.
In the midst of a global economic crisis, when we see people around us losing their jobs, their possessions, a large part of what they had,you tend to stop and think: What can I do about this? Can anything be changed?

The Mondo Agit translation agency, a SL company since 2007, began to operate in 2005, a young company in general terms, but not so young for a translation agency.

There comes a moment in the evolution of every company in which the owners and their employees and collaborators realise that life is treating them well, that they are lucky and, however much they have been able to accumulate by their own efforts, they cannot justify their success only by what they have done and thus feel obliged to give something back to the world, to do something for others.
However, it can be difficult to find a useful, viable manner in which to do this.

Why websites?
We have decided to offer free website translation for many reasons. We have already highlighted one of these above: it is one of our areas of expertise. Another reason is that it provides a good means of publicity for the volunteers and for our own agency. However, the main reason can be traced back to the essence of websites themselves: a website is (generally) free and shares all of its content.

To request more information send us a message to Don’t forget to give it a title (e.g. “Information on free translation”).


Important! Don’t send messages asking about the free translation service to the work address shown in the contact section. Send the message directly to the address shown above.
This service is offered without any guarantees and does not apply to commercial organisations.