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InterpretingIn the event of you needing an interpreter in Bordeaux, our translation agency has its professional interpreters throughout this and the most important cities in Europe at your disposal.

Thanks to our wide network of professionals, we are able to offer you this interpreting service in a large number of languages.

From our offices in different European cities (see European offices) we offer various types of interpreting services in Bordeaux, including simultaneous, liaison, escortwhisper and consecutive.

Our interpreters, who work to and from French, are professionals with considerable experience who are specialized in their respective areas. They will work with the documentation obtained and, if necessary, prepare the meeting with the client over the telephone or face to face.

We would advise you to send the documentation a week, or at least two days, beforehand, as otherwise the quality of the interpreting service cannot be guaranteed.

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The city

Famous for its vineyards and its seaside and yet mountainous location, Bordeaux is a port town, in south-western France. The city lies on the banks of the Garonne River and furthermore is the capital of the Aquitaine Region. “Le Port de la Lune” the city’s ‘Moon Harbour’ has even been declared a UNESCO world heritage site. The Atlantic and its stunning beaches are less than an hour from the city centre.

What is there to do in Bordeaux?

– If you like museums, Bordeaux will not disappoint you. The city’s “Musée d’Histoire Naturelle” (Natural History Museum) is one of the oldest of its kind, in the whole of France and is located right next to the “Jardin Publique”. The museum houses an extensive collection of zoological exhibits, covering mammals, birds, fish, crustaceans and butterflies.

– As Bordeaux is very famous for its wines, the city’s wine museum; the Vinorama, is a must-see. At the museum, you will be able to completely submerge yourself in the world of wine, and discover its history, and not without tasting it.

– For art lovers: If you like the fine arts you should not miss out on a visit to the CAPC (Muesum of Contemporary Art), which is Bordeaux’s biggest gallery and houses more than 700 works of art, from the late 1960’s up until now. You should also visit Bordeaux Cathedral, a catholic cathedral, built in the late 11th century, which also has been declared a UNESCO world heritage site.

– Go and relax in the “Jardin Publique”, a lovely park with an interesting history, as it was used for official ceremonies during the French Revolution until Napoléon III turned it into an English landscape park.

– For shopaholics: Bordeaux has a great range of shops and boutiques, and if you are looking for a market, look no further and go to Saint Michél market, especially on Sundays, when you can find a great variety of clothes, furniture and more there. La Rue St. Catherine is Bordeaux’s main shopping street, even more so since it has been turned into a pedestrian zone. The “Grands Hommes” (Tall Men) market in the Place des Grands Hommes, offers everything, from jewellery to fresh groceries.

– Wine tasting: It is really worth visiting the vineyards of Bordeaux. Bordeaux wines vary from a dry white to a red, rosé or sparkling wine. You could also visit one of the castles in the nearby countryside. In order to decide which one to go to, pay a visit to the city’s “Maison du Vin”, next to the tourist information office, where you will find a lot of information on the region’s wines and vineyards.


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