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InterpretingIn the event of you needing an interpreter in Edinburgh, our translation agency has its professional interpreters throughout this and the most important cities in Europe at your disposal.

Thanks to our wide network of professionals, we are able to offer you this interpreting service in a large number of languages.

From our offices in different European cities (see European offices) we offer various types of interpreting services in Edinburgh, including simultaneous, liaison, escortwhisper and consecutive.

Our interpreters, who work to and from English, are professionals with considerable experience who are specialized in their respective areas. They will work with the documentation obtained and, if necessary, prepare the meeting with the client over the telephone or face to face.

We would advise you to send the documentation a week, or at least two days, beforehand, as otherwise the quality of the interpreting service cannot be guaranteed.

In Mondo Agit we work according to our principles. Our high quality and competitive prices make us your best option. Try us out. If you are looking for an interpreter in Edinburgh, please contact us.

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Note: All documentation sent to our translation agency will be treated in confidence and will remain the property of its owner from the moment of the request for an estimate for the interpreting service in Edinburgh.


The city

Edinburgh is the capital, and after Glasgow, the second largest city in Scotland. Located, in a rather bizarre place, a couple of miles away from the sea, actually an estuary know as “Firth of the Forth”, in between eight volcanic hills.

Edinburgh Castle stands out above the Royal Mile, on top of the crater of an extinct volcano. The streets of this enchanting city, which has been declared a world heritage site, tell us of the myths and legends that have taken place here since the dawn of time. Edinburgh, has served as inspiration to many writers and their characters, such as Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Sherlock Holmes and even Harry Potter.

What is there to do in Edinburgh?

– You could visit the mysterious and mythical Rosslyn Chapel.
Around 11 km south of Edinburgh, in the village of Roslin you can find Scotland’s most beautiful and enigmatic chapel (the chapel played a key role in the search for the Holy Grail in Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code). The intricate carvings inside the chapel, are a monument to Masonic art and laden with symbols. In the chapel you can marvel at biblical scenes such as the “Expulsion from Paradise”, “The Crucifixion”, or the “Fallen Angel”, as well as some plants native to America, although by the time the chapel had been finished, Columbus had not discovered the New World yet.

– Take a walk in the lovely Edinburgh botanical gardens, which are amongst the oldest in Britain and a must-see attraction of the Scottish capital.
The gardens were founded in 1670, in order to provide Edinburgian doctors with the necessary herbal remedies. The gardens cover 30 hectares in Inverleith, north of Stockbridge. The Victorian palm trees, orchids, cactuses and giant water plants, are a haven of peace and tranquillity.

– You could also enjoy a beautiful sunset from the top of Carlton Hill. The panorama includes Edinburgh Castle, Holyrood Palace (the Queen’s official residence in Scotland), Arthur’s Seat, the Firth of the Forth, and New Town and Princes Street in all their glory.

– You should try the different Malt Whiskeys in the pubs, in the Old Town, around the Royal Mile and Cowgate. A lot of the pubs near South Bridge play Scottish live music, almost every night, which is the heart of the University of Edinburgh, and without a doubt will be the highlight of any night out in the Scottish capital.


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