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InterpretingIn the event of you needing an interpreter in Granada, our translation agency has its professional interpreters throughout this and the most important cities in Europe at your disposal.

Thanks to our wide network of professionals, we are able to offer you this interpreting service in a large number of languages.

From our offices in different European cities (see European offices) we offer various types of interpreting services in Granada, including simultaneous, liaison, escortwhisper and consecutive.

Our interpreters, who work to and from Spanish, are professionals with considerable experience who are specialized in their respective areas. They will work with the documentation obtained and, if necessary, prepare the meeting with the client over the telephone or face to face.

We would advise you to send the documentation a week, or at least two days, beforehand, as otherwise the quality of the interpreting service cannot be guaranteed.

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The city

Granada is the capital of Eastern Andalusia, and lies some 700 metres above sea level. The origins of Granada have been lost in the night of times, the city was Moorish from the 11th century, until January 1492, when it was conquered by the Catholic Monarchs. Since then, many Renaissance and Baroque buildings were built in the city making it the synthesis of Oriental and Western culture it is today.

Bathed in radiant light and surrounded by a beautiful landscape, Granada lies on the hills on both sides of the Darro River, some of which are home to the Generalife, the Alhambra and the Abaicín. Some parts of the city stretch down to the foot of the hills, down to the plain formed by the Rivers Darro and Genil.

From the hillside the famous Grenadian walled gardens, where gardens and orchards come together, amongst roses and carnations, fruit trees and shrubs, seem very spread out.

Granada is also the city of congresses and world famous festivals, such as Semana Santa (Easter Week), el Día de la Cruz, el Corpus, or the Music and Dance Festival.

What is there to see in Granada?

– The Alhambra the only piece of Arab Nazarene architecture.

– The Gerneralife, was one of the Nazerene Monarchs’ holiday homes and is a prototype for a Grenadian walled garden.

– The city’s Gothic Renaissance cathedral.

– The Catholic Monarchs’ Royal Chapel.

– The stately homes in the urban quarters of old Granada, where Renaissance meets Baroque, mixed with Arab and Mudejar architecture.
What is there to do?

– Have some wine and tapas in one of the city’s many bars. Granada is both a student and a tourist town.

– Visit Albaicín and Sacromonte, Granada’s most representative neighbourhoods. The former has almost perfectly preserved its medieval layout, whereas the latter is famous for its caves.

Go to the Sierra Nevada, some kilometres outside the city. The main massif of the Penibética and is home to the highest peaks of the Iberian Peninsula as well as a mountain station and ski resort.


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