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InterpretingIn the event of you needing an interpreter in Leipzig, our translation agency has its professional interpreters throughout this and the most important cities in Europe at your disposal.

Thanks to our wide network of professionals, we are able to offer you this interpreting service in a large number of languages.

From our offices in different European cities (see European offices) we offer various types of interpreting services in Leipzig, including simultaneous, liaison, escortwhisper and consecutive.

Our interpreters, who work to and from German, are professionals with considerable experience who are specialized in their respective areas. They will work with the documentation obtained and, if necessary, prepare the meeting with the client over the telephone or face to face.

We would advise you to send the documentation a week, or at least two days, beforehand, as otherwise the quality of the interpreting service cannot be guaranteed.

In Mondo Agit we work according to our principles. Our high quality and competitive prices make us your best option. Try us out. If you are looking for an interpreter in Leipzig, please contact us.

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The city

Leipzig is located in the federal state of Saxony; furthermore it is the biggest city of the five federal states, which were attributed to the Federal Republic of Germany after the fall of the Berlin wall. Leipzig has a population of more then 500,000 people.
Due to the city’s long history of music both Johann Sebastian Bach and Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, resided in Leipzig for many years.

What is there to do in Leipzig?

– One of the city’s landmarks, which definitely is worth a visit, is the “Völkerschlachtdenkmal” (Monument to the Battle of the Nations). It is the biggest memorial in Europe commemorating the battle of Leipzig.

– Art aficionados should visit the “Museum der bildenden Künste” (Museum of Fine Arts), where Germany’s most important private collections are on display, including works by the artist Max Klinger amongst others. But there are many more galleries in the city centre. The contemporary art gallery does its name honour, and exhibits modern as well as contemporary art collections.

– As Leipzig is known as Germany’s capital of the cabaret, you should not miss out on visiting the Café Frosch.

– Besides being one of the oldest in the world, Leipzig Zoo is renowned for its incredible diversity, furthermore there is “Pongoland”, the legendary monkey enclosure.

– But if you enjoy a little more atmosphere, you should go to the Gottschedestrasse, where you will find most of Leipzig’s bars, pubs, café and restaurants. Once there you should definitely try a “Gosebier” (a wheat beer containing salt and coriander), which has a tradition of more than 250 years. By mixing the beer with the “Leipziger Allasch”, a local spirit you get a “Regenschirm” (lit. umbrella). So you should not be put off if somebody is asking for an umbrella at a bar. Leipzig’s specialities are, amongst others, the “Leipziger Allerlei”, a vegetable dish and the “Leipziger Lerche” a rich pastry.

– And if you are in need of relaxation, rent a gondola and explore Leipzig’s many canals, and you will notice that the resemblance to Venice is uncanny.

– If you want to go out at night go to the Gottschedestrasse, as you will find something everybody likes. Or you could go to the old post office in the Augustusplatz, which a while back has been turned into a highly recommended club, sporting the slogan “Retro meets modern Lifestyle”.


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