Escort/Attendant Service for fairs, visits and congresses – “low cost” interpreting

The translation for those who don’t need a professional interpreter

Once again, with the aim of adapting ourselves to the continually changing circumstances of the market, Mondo Agit sets “low cost” prices for the escort or attendant service for fairs, visits and congresses.

Mondo Agit has decided to set this low cost tariff with the prospect of filling a niche in the market to which, until now, it had not devoted much attention. It is not only a case of satisfying the client’s needs that have not been met and taking advantage of a business opportunity, but also offering a good employment opportunity to innumerable young students in the last years of university study and those that have recently graduated, who find themselves facing difficulties entering the job market.

What does the service consist of?

The service is intended for cases where the client requires the service of a person who is capable of paying attention and translating orally in certain languages, with sufficient clarity and fluency for the client to be able to understand and make him or herself understood correctly.

In this type of interpreting, the interpreter accompanies the client (one or more people) to events such as fairs and cultural events, and also guided visits, visits to factories, city sightseeing, formal dinners, etc., where a language that the client does not speak is spoken. This service is also recommended for those cases in which the client needs a person who is capable of working in different languages at a post or stand for fairs and congresses.

Mondo Agit does not recommend the use of this service to those businesses or individuals that need interpreting services where even minor errors in the interpreting could be crucial for the success or failure of the respective meetings.

In these cases it is preferible to rely on our professional liason interpreting service, especially useful in important or difficult negotiations.

The Low Cost Escort/Attendant Service will be available for hiring from the month of February, always subject to the availability of the interpreter.


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