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Mondo Agit provides a medical translation service. Thanks to our network of experienced translators, who are highly trained in their respective fields, our medical translations are of a superior quality.

The certified translation service may be contracted for any kind of translation, according to the needs of the customer.

Every translation is, of course, performed by native translators specialised in the subject area, and proofread by other experts, in order to offer the best possible final product.

Our translators rely on the support of the latest translation technologies when carrying out their work.

Medical translation

Mondo Agit’s medical translations may be split into two key parts:

  • Reading and understanding the original text. This is only possible if the translator knows and understands the many technicalities that characterise medical texts.
  • Writing the translation. In order to carry out this second step, the translator must be able to write correctly, have a perfect knowledge of medical jargon in the target language and a strong command of the source language. For this reason, it is essential to use native or bilingual translators.

Once the text has been translated, it is sent for proofreading and correction, which is carried out by native translators or proofreaders.


Additional information on the translation of medical texts

Medical translations may be included under the umbrella of scientific translation, due to the huge range of specific terminology they contain, though much of it is specific to the area of medicine.

The translators in charge of this kind of text must have extensive experience in the field of medicine and have access to subject-specific (e.g neurology, cardiology, oncology, psychiatry) glossaries, in order to ensure that the text remains cohesive and that all terminology is correct.

Medicine-related texts come in a wide range of formats: medical journals, essays, reports, scientific studies, manuals, patients’ documentation, informed consent documents, etc. The rapid development of medicine and the huge amount of information it generates makes medical translations one of the most in-demand, and bring with them a great deal of responsibility, too.


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