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Mondo Agit began offering interpretation services in 2007 and now, with an assignment nearly every day, it has become one of best-preferred agencies amongst companies in need of professional interpretation services.

Our ability to consistently deliver a service that meets the needs of our clients has placed us amongst the most important interpretation agencies in Europe.

Interpretation in over 50 European cities!


What our clients say

We asked our clients to describe briefly their experience with us and this is what they said:

– Gabriele Baumann (Weidemann GmbH): Die Veranstaltung ist wirklich gut gelaufen und die Dolmetscher haben sehr gute Arbeit geleistet. Vor allem da es ja insgesamt ein sehr langer und anstrengender Tag war.
Mit der gesamten Abwicklung sind wir sehr zufrieden. Bei Gelegenheit werden wir sehr gerne wieder mit Ihnen zusammenarbeiten.

[Gabriele Baumann (Weidemann GmbH): The meeting went very well and the interpreters did a great job – especially taking into account that, all in all, it had been a long and tough day.
We are very satisfied with how the event went overall. If the opportunity arose, we would certainly be pleased to work with you again in the future]

–  Y.M.: Mme T. a été très satisfaite du travail de l’interprète et souhaite la remercier.

[Y.M.: Ms. T was very satisfied with the interpreter’s work and would like to thank her for it]

– Sue McCann (Essex County Council): Thank you for your email and I am happy to report that the interpreters were considered to be excellent.
The assistance, and support, offered in Italy by the interpreters was outstanding and I would have no hesitation requiring their services again.

– T.G.: The interpreter did a great job.

– Jaume González (MDF Maquinaria): Ha salido todo muy bien, no he tenido ningún problema, muchas gracias.

[Jaume González (MDF Maquinaria): Everything went very well; I didn’t have a single problem. Thanks a lot!]

– R.V.: Our CEO, L. says the interpreter was perfect, and she wishes to use her services again in future. If L. was impressed, she must be fantastic!

– Andreas Gregor (Consultronica, S.L.): Tanto el ponente L. W., como yo como organizador del evento nos hemos quedado muy contentos con el trabajo de Iván.
De hecho estuvimos comentando después del evento que sería bueno poder contar con él para futuros eventos, ya que se ha trabajado el vocabulario específico de nuestra industria.
Creo que ha sido bueno hacer una reunión preliminar y me ha gustado especialmente que viniera bien preparado a esta reunión.

[Andreas Gregor (Consultronica, S.L.): Both the speaker, and I as the organiser of the event were very happy with Iván’s work.
In fact, after the event we mentioned that it would be useful to be able to rely on him again for future events, seeing as though he is familiar with the terminology used in our industry. I think it was a good idea to have a preliminary meeting and I especially appreciated that he came well prepared.]

– A.A.: Gostaríamos de comentar que os serviços prestados pela Sra Y. foram muito apreciados e revelaram-se trazer mais-valia para as nossas conversações. Salientamos o elevado profissionalismo nas conversações, pontualidade no encontro e domínio na interpretação consecutiva.
Se mais oportunidades venham a surgir seguramente teremos todo o interesse em poder contar novamente com os serviços da Sra Y. através da Mondo Agit.

[A.A.: Ms. Y.’s service was much appreciated and brought extra value to our conversations. We would like to emphasise her high degree of professionalism during conversations, punctuality and expertise in consecutive translation. If further opportunities arose, we would be more than interested in working with Ms. Y again, through Mondo Agit.]

– Pablo Muñoz Nieto (Movimiento por la Paz): Muchas gracias por tu correo. La verdad es que quedamos muy contentos con el servicio; la interpretación fue muy buena y contribuyó en gran medid a que el coloquio fuera participativo e interesante para el público.

[Pablo Muñoz Nieto (Movimiento por la Paz): Many thanks for you email. We were truly very pleased with the service; the interpretation was very good and played an important part in making the discussion an active and interesting one for the audience.]

What do the interpreters say?

– N. Maina: Done interpreting, very pleasant cooperation

– P. Rodriguez: I recently worked for the Spanish branch as an interpreter. Communication was excellent. I received payment within days.

– A. González: I have worked with the Spanish branch as an interpreter since 2009. Projects are good, payment is always on time. Nice PMs. Many thanks.

– M. R.: Sarei molto interessata a continuare in la collaborazione
con voi

[I would be very interested in collaborating with you again in the future]

– J. Córdoba: Ha sido un placer trabajar con Mondo Agit…

[It has been a pleasure to work with Mondo Agit…]

Your professional partner

We have many more references, from both clients and interpreters (including the full names of referees). If you would like to see for yourself, or if you need a professional partner who you can trust for your interpretation, contact us.


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