PerMondo: an initiative based on collaboration and synergy

It has been five years since Mondo Agit began to collaborate with PerMondo on website localisation and translation of texts for not-for-profit organisations. Since then, we have supported associations from all over the world, such as Action Contre la Faim, SOS Children’s Villages, Bezev e.V., CEAR, Club of Rome, Cultural Planet, ELIANT, Fair, Fundación Manantial, Organic Vision, Shelterbox, Welthaus, WWF and many others.

The free translation initiative was launched in 2009 and, with Mondo Agit’s support, it has carried out some 200 free translation projects. In this way, huge numbers of web pages have been translated for a range of associations; as varied in their aims as their geographical location, making it possible for them to spread their message across the world.

Mondo Agit is pleased to be able to share its extensive knowledge in translation and website localisation, so that working with unusual or difficult files or formats, content managers like typo3, Joomla or Drupal, directly with html files, or adapting web pages for more language options, has been perfectly straightforward. At each stage, we have been able to find the simplest way around any challenge.

As you already know, PerMondo’s objective is to offer free translations to non-profit associations and initiatives who may need our help – relying on the collaboration of volunteer translators and sponsors, as well as, of course, the organisations themselves.


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