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Mondo Agit provides a scientific translation service. Thanks to our experienced translators, who are well trained in their respective fields, we offer top quality scientific translations.

Of course all of our scientific translations are carried out by native translators specialising in the subject and they are then reviewed by other experts in order to provide the best possible end product.

Our translators of scientific texts use the latest translation technology tools to carry out their translations.

traduction scientifique

Scientific translations consist of two essential stages:

  • Reading and comprehension of the text. This is only possible if the translator knows and understands the meaning of the many technicalities that are found in a scientific text.
  • Drafting the scientific translation. For this second stage, translators must have the ability to write correctly, they must be well versed in the scientific technicalities of the destination language, and they must have a great command of the language—it is essential that they are native or bilingual speakers.

Once the scientific text is translated, it is then reviewed by native reviewers or translators.

Areas of specialisation:

Biology, chemistry, ecology & environment, genetics, geography, geology, medicine, nutrition, physics, optics, pharmaceuticals, psychology, veterinary science…


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