Translating with Joomla!

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Joomla!Joomla! is a popular free content manager for the creation of websites, written in PHP programming language. It is registered under the GNU General Public License. Along with WordPress, Typo3 and Drupal, Joomla! is among the most well-known and most-used open source content managers in the world.

Joomla! is mainly used to create dynamic websites with multimedia content that can be edited by several people without expertise in creating websites.

The previous web page of our charitable initiative PerMondo, which provides free translations in collaboration with Mondo Agit, was made using Joomla! Our current translators management system also uses Joomla!

This CMS maintains a strict separation of website design and the source code. It also offers “native” tools to facilitate search engine optimisation and integrates a text search function, the possibility of storing the website in cache, language configuration using internationalisation, etc. That is to say, with Joomla! 3 you can select the languages that your website will offer and create the translations on the content pages.

There exist multiple extensions (modules, plug-ins and components) created by users, many of which are free. These let Joomla! offer a notable variety of functions and cover the most common website applications.


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