Translating with WordPress

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WordpressWordPress is free software published under the GNU General Public License. It is used for the management of web content and written in PHP. As with other content managers, it needs a MySQL database.

This CMS is specifically designed for creating and managing blogs, allowing you to assign a category to each new entry and automatically creating the corresponding navigation elements (in the calendar, search and navigation). Blog entries are visible to readers not only in the normal format for web pages, but also in news feeds in RSS 2.0, RSS 0.93 and Atom 0.3 protocols.

WordPress can also be used to create “normal” websites (as opposed to blogs), that is, with a fixed structure. The website of PerMondo, the initiative providing free translations created by Mondo Agit, is a perfect example of what this content manager can do. Furthermore, the English and French Mondo Agit websites are powered by WordPress.

The CMS offers the possibility of publishing and controlling readers’ comments, as well as the possibility of managing the links centrally. It also allows the creation of different user types and roles, as well as the possibility of add-ons that convert WordPress into an apt content manager to be used in any type of website.

WordPress does not come with the funcionality to create multilingual websites. Although some add-ons exist with which it is possible to manage multilingual content, on the majority of occasions it is only used for articles or standalone parts of the blog. As an alternative, the “Multisite” function can be used within WordPress to create an individual blog for each language.


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