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Mondo Agit provides a divorce certificate translation service. These translations are carried out by official or certified translators. We not only perform certified translations of divorce certificates for the majority of European countries, but also in some non-European countries (USA, Brazil etc.).

Divorce certificates are official documents which officially confirm the dissolution of a marriage. These are required as proof that a person is no longer married before they are able to remarry, for example.

Certified translations are usually required when a divorce certificate is not written in the official language of the country where it is to be presented.

[Additional information about the validation of certified translations]


A certified translator’s job is to certify and attest that the finished translation is a true reflection of the original text.

We currently perform certified translations of divorce certificates in a range of languages and across several countries, including: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Spain, France, Holland, Italy, Portugal, UK and Switzerland. We also have contacts in other countries (including USA, Brazil and some Arabic countries).


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