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Traduction expressMondo Agit offers express delivery in all languages in addition to our standard, sworn and specialised translation services. We offer three different levels of urgency for the delivery of translations:

Our express delivery service covers our clients’ most extreme needs and has led us to complete all kinds of “impossible” jobs:

8,000-word legal translations into German started at 6pm and completed by 11am the next day; sworn translations of five documents into English, started at 8pm on a Thursday and delivered at 4pm on the Friday; 16,000 words (46 pages) of specialised scientific translations into Dutch completed within 54 hours; 500-word technical translations into French delivered within two hours; and the list goes on.

As you can see, in times of need, we remain undeterred. We are committed to our customers and make your problems our own. We guarantee 100% punctuality for our express deliveries.

Express translations usually carry a surcharge of 50%, which we confirm beforehand in a written quote.