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At Mondo Agit, we specialise in a large number of fields.

By subject:

  1. Financial texts
  2. Legal texts
  3. Technical texts
  4. Scientific texts
  5. Other
  1. Biology, chemistry, ecology & environment, genetics, geography, geology, medicine, nutrition, optics, chemistry, patents, pharmaceuticals, physics, psychology, veterinary…
  2. Accounting, advertising, banking, commerce, economics, human resources, insurance, e-commerce, investment, management, manufacturing, marketing, public relations, retail…
  3. Business law, certificates, civil law, commercial law, contracts, copyright, diplomas, law, licenses, patents, taxation & customs, tax law, trademarks…
  4. Aerospace, agriculture, architecture, automation & robotics, automotive, aviation, computers: hardware, computers: software, computers: systems, networks, electronics, energy, industrial engineering, internet, IT (information technology), mechanics engineering, metallurgy, multimedia, nuclear engineering, petroleum, power generation, printing & publishing, SAP, telecommunications… 5. art, beauty, cosmetics, education, history, linguistics, literature, music, pedagogy, philosophy, poetry, politics, religion, tourism, video games…


We offer our specialised translation service for all urgent, certified and simple translations in all the most commonly spoken languages.


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