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At Mondo Agit, we translate texts in every format, in any of the languages we offer, including English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

To ensure total fluency and the highest possible language quality, all translations are performed by native speakers and can be proofread as an additional measure.

Translation is our main service and consists of a number of stages:

1. Quote

As soon as we have clarified any doubts you may have, we send you a quote detailing the cost of the translation of the text you have sent us.

2. Preparing the project

Then, if you would like us to go ahead with the translation, our project managers will decide which of our translators is best suited to carry out the project, according to its urgency and the kind of text. We will also decide which translation tools will be most useful for the job.

3. Choosing the translator

The chosen translator, selected according to their experience, specialities and the language combination required, will be briefed on and familiarised with the text, in order to ensure that they understand every detail, no matter how small.

4. Preparing the translation

Once they have read and understood the text, our project managers will look for reference documents that will assist in translating the text into the target language as fluently as possible. The translator will use terminology supplied by the customer where applicable.

5. Translation tools

Translation tools are often used, along with databases and other programs, to help translators carry out their work as precisely and efficiently as possible.

6. Additional proofreading (UNE-EN 15038:2006 Quality Standard)

Having finished the translation phase of the process, and providing that you have opted for additional proofreading services, a second translator or proofreader will carry out an in-depth review of the text. Finally, we carry out a final check of the text, in order to ensure that there are no errors in the translation. If you would like a translation that conforms with the UNE-EN-15038:2006 Quality Standard, please select this option.

7. Final control and delivery

If you decide against our additional proofreading services, we ourselves will carry out a brief review of the text, to make sure that the translation is in order, before delivering it directly to the client.

8. Solving any doubts

If you have any questions before, during or after work on the translation, our project managers will be happy to help clarify your doubts.


Not only do we offer a translation service without proofreading, for documents which are not to be published and total language accuracy is not the priority, but also a standalone proofreading service, which helps ensure that your text is perfect.

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