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Nowadays, websites are one of the most attractive ways of reaching customers. They enable companies to make themselves known and to communicate with customers, as well as to present and sell their products at any time of the day without being too costly or complicated to maintain.

Equally, the website offers customers an unprecedented level of convenience and speed when placing orders and looking for information on products.

At Mondo Agit, we do not just translate your website, we also adapt it to the cultural and linguistic setting where it will be read, taking all technical aspects into account. Our aim is not so much to deliver the words just as they are, but to convey the feelings, the idea and the image that you wish to give your product.


With the localisation or translation of websites we pay special attention to the characteristics of this type of work:

  • Fluency and context. We do not simply translate terms one after another. We translate them taking into account their position and context with regards to the whole website and its visual and acoustic signals.
  • Platforms, extensions, plug-ins. Thanks to our knowledge of the most commonly used content management systems (Joomla, Typo3, WordPress…), we can advise you on which extensions to use for the translation of your website.
  • SEO (search engine optimisation). One of the most important aspects of localisation or the translation of websites is finding equivalent meta elements for the different pages, which is especially important where the page title and description are concerned.
  • Size and appearance. We take care of making sure that the messages and the general text adapt to the menus and spaces on the website taking into account restrictions on the number of characters allowed.
  • Consistency in terminology. A website needs to be faithful to, and therefore consistent with its own terminology.
  • Scope. It is, of course, vitally important to bear in mind the target audience when translating a website.
  • Flexibility. The world of computing is constantly changing, meaning that designers have to be able to adapt quickly all the time. At Mondo Agit we are aware of this feature and act accordingly. We are open to all kinds of ideas and are happy to adapt to your needs.
  • Speed. One of our main principles is speed and reliability. We know that time is precious and that in general, projects can easily get delayed. That is why it is our wish to provide a speedy service, coordinating with you to get the job finished as soon as possible.

Of the many advantages of working with Mondo Agit is that we complete website localisations in practically any of the most commonly spoken languages (languages we work with).

Additional information

In the subsection “localisation: when and how”, you will find out more about the key points of this service and what to look for when deciding whether to localise your software or website.

If you need to translate, localise or internationalise your website using a content manager, get in touch with us. We will give you professional help at an affordable price. Information on the different CMS (Content Management Systems).

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