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Chinese – English – Chinese translations are among the services we provide at our translation agency.

Mondo Agit is an agency with offices in numerous European cities that specialises in the translation to and from Chinese of scientific, financial, legal, business and technical documents (see areas of specialisation). We also offer a certified Chinese translation service.

Chinese translationTranslations go through two essential stages:

  1. Translation
    Our native Chinese translators, who are experienced professionals with a sound academic background, translate only to their mother tongue and only texts that are within their field of expertise. These quality control measures, along with the use of the latest translation technologies, always guarantee the best results.
  2. Proof-reading or Spell-check
    Our translation agency offers two translation services so that you can choose the one most suited to your needs:

    • Translation & Proof-reading
      If your text is going to be published, we recommend that you choose the Translation & Proof-reading service which, as well as translation, includes additional proofreading by a second translator or proof-reader who is a native speaker of the target language and who specialises in the subject area of the text in question.
    • Translation & Spell-check
      On the other hand, if you just want a draft or informative translation, the best service for you is Translation & Spell-check, where the agency check the translation to ensure that there are no spelling mistakes and that all the content has been translated.

At Mondo Agit, our work is always guided by our principles. Our competitive delivery deadlines and prices make us your best option. Try us out. If you are looking for a Chinese translator, please contact us.

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A brief introduction to the Chinese language

Chinese could be considered either as a language or as an entire language family. In the second case, the family forms one of the two branches of the Sino-Tibetan language family.

Chinese has developed in various stages. The first of which would be Old Chinese, which was spoken between the 15th and 14th century BC. It was the language which was used for oracle inscriptions on tortoise shells and bones.

The second stage would be Classical Chinese, which was spoken from the 11th century BC until the 8th century AD. This period is considered to have been the golden age for the Chinese language and literature. And it was during said period that the most important works of Chinese philosophy, by Confucius, Mencius and Lao Tsé, were written.

Finally, Modern Chinese constitutes the language’s latest stage. Essentially, Classical Chinese vocabulary and morphology have been retained, although some terms have been adapted in order to meet modern needs.

Currently, Chinese is spoken by 1,200 million people. Mandarin Chinese alone already has around 885 million speakers, which makes it the world’s most spoken language.

Standard Mandarin, was based on the Beijing dialects, and is the standard version of spoken Chinese. Chinese is the official language of The People’s Republic of China and Taiwan. Furthermore it is co-official in the city-state of Singapore.

Chinese grammar is a lot easier than English grammar, as there is no grammatical agreement. The verb changes neither according to cases nor tenses.

The Mandarin writing system is based on the “kǎishū” script, this defined script has developed from various other such as the “xiǎozhuànshū” or the “lìsh” script.



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