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Liasong interpretingLiaison interpreting is used as a link between two people or small groups of people who speak different languages. To avoid chaos, we do not usually do this kind of interpreting for more than four or five people in total (in whose case it can be preferable to have simultaneous interpretation).

One of the main fields of liaison interpreting is that of businesses (for other types of liaison interpreting see the section on escort interpreting). The interpreter needs to know both languages very well and translates what everyone says.

Although in general, with liaison interpreting, the interpreter doesn´t need to do the same kind of preparation as with simultaneous or consecutive interpretation, it is still important that the client and the interpreter have planned a meeting beforehand. It is much better that the interpreter knows the subject, the company and the general sector of the client, to increase the probability of success in negotiation.


To find out more about where we offer our liaison interpreting services, see our interpreters by city page.


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