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At Mondo Agit, our multimedia translations are carried out by specialists who are highly skilled and experienced in carrying out translations of this kind and possess all the necessary technical knowledge.

This kind of translation is carried out by native professionals with great imagination and resources, resulting in superior quality.

Translation technologies play a highly important role in translation, as they offer greater terminological consistency.


Multimedia translations may be split into two key parts:

  • Reading and understanding the text. This is only possible if the translator bears in mind the context and images typical of this kind of translation.
  • Writing the translation. In order to carry out this second step, the translator must be able to write correctly and have a strong command of the source language. For this reason, it is essential to use native or bilingual translators.

Once the text has been translated, it is sent for proofreading and correction, which is carried out by native translators or proofreaders.


Additional information on multimedia translations

Information is presented in a range of formats and media styles, which require a specialised translation. These include videos, audio files, internet pages, etc. Furthermore, the presence of images makes it even more important to adapt texts both linguistically and culturally.

Multimedia translation, also known as “audiovisual translation”, applies to all kinds of audiovisual communication, such as film, television, advertising, theatre and even mobile devices.

Though this kind of translation allows for greater freedom in terms of content, it does pose graphical and time-related issues, and demands specific technical knowledge and specialised resources.

The audiovisual market is very creative and is developing rapidly, due to the huge amount of multimedia products being developed each day. Translators must be prepared to tackle this kind of project, both linguistically and culturally.


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