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Interprétation chuchotéeWith whisper interpreting or “chuchotage” the interpreter translates into a language which the majority of the participants understand. The speaker and the participants speak normally without any pauses and the interpreter translates for his customer in a low voice, whispering what is being said at the meeting. Occasionally, the interpreter will also translate what the client has to say for the other participants. In this case the interpreter must be a native speaker of the client’s language and must be able to understand the language of the event to perfection.

Whisper interpreting is typical of meetings, interviews, conferences, and in general, events where the audience and speaker share a language which is different from the client’s.

In this case, the main difficulty for the client and the interpreter arises from the acoustic problems inherent to this type of situation. Another disadvantage is that the constant whispering sound can be annoying for listeners who are close to the interpreter. Technically speaking it is not very complex.


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