Data Protection at Mondo Agit

Given how important it is for many of our clients that their data and confidential information be used appropriately, Mondo Agit decided at the beginning of 2012 to entrust the control of its policy and application of data protection to an independent external company, the specialised consultant DGE Bruxelles.

In this way, after undergoing various procedures and tests, we are now in possession of the document issued by the independent consultant DGE Bruxelles which certifies that our agency adapts its processes to the current legislation in force in terms of data protection.

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An interview with Sabrina Geiersbach

SabrinaQuestion: How long has Mondo Services existed?

Answer: Mondo Services was founded in 2005, by one of the current managers.

Question: Since you have started working in this business, have you ever had to face a financial crisis, like at the moment?

Answer: Honestly, I could not speak from my own experiences, as I only started one year ago, when the crisis was in full swing. But as far as I have heard, mainly from our clients and suppliers, these are the most complicated times that many of them ever had to face, in terms of arrears and businesses’ bankruptcy. However, we have been doing pretty well.Read more

Anniversary – principles

Mondo Agit was established five years ago. Since the creation of concept in July 2005, these years have been full of experience: learning, meeting people, problems and solutions, good and not so good moments… Yet we would like to thank everyone who has accompanied us and made this experience possible, those who have been and are still there for us and we sincerely hope this continues.

The Mondo Agit agency started by offering translations and a little later we expanded our services to include interpreting. After this, we included localisation of websites and software. Our most recent services, subtitling and transcription, were incorporated two years ago.

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