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InterprétationCzech interpreting is included among the services we provide at our agency.

Our translation agency, Mondo Agit, specialises in Czech interpretation at all kinds of events and meetings. From our offices in different European cities (see European offices) we offer various types of interpretation, including simultaneousconsecutiveliaison and whisper (chuchotage).

All of our interpreters are widely experienced professionals specialising in their respective areas.

Our Czech interpreters work with the documentation with which they are supplied and, if necessary, they can prepare the meeting with the customer, either by phone or in person.

It is advisable to send the documentation a week or at least two days before the event or meeting, otherwise it will not be possible to guarantee the quality of the interpretation.

At Mondo Agit we work according to our principles. Our competitive prices and high quality make us your best option. Try us out. If you are looking for a Czech interpreter, please contact us.


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N.B.: All documentation sent to our translation agency will be treated in confidence and will remain the property of its owner from the moment of the request for an estimate for the Czech interpreting service.


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