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InterpretingIn the event of you needing an interpreter in Marseille, our translation agency has its professional interpreters throughout this and the most important cities in Europe at your disposal.

Thanks to our wide network of professionals, we are able to offer you this interpreting service in a large number of languages.

From our offices in different European cities (see European offices) we offer various types of interpreting services in Marseille, including simultaneous, liaison, escortwhisper and consecutive.

Our interpreters, who work to and from French, are professionals with considerable experience who are specialized in their respective areas. They will work with the documentation obtained and, if necessary, prepare the meeting with the client over the telephone or face to face.

We would advise you to send the documentation a week, or at least two days, beforehand, as otherwise the quality of the interpreting service cannot be guaranteed.

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The city

Located on the south-eastern coast of France in the beautiful Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region, Marseille is home to the largest commercial port in France. After Paris, Marseille is the second largest French city, in terms of population. Marseille has been elected the Capital of Culture for 2013. The city’s Mediterranean climate and beautiful location make it a magnificent holiday destination.

What is there to do in Marseille?

Marseille caters to all tastes, as it is a centre of culture as well as entertainment:

– Old Port: The harbour of Marseille is a beautiful spot, surrounded by cafés next to the fish market. There are various shops selling souvenirs and collectibles. Although it is France’s main commercial port, nowadays it is mostly used for cruise liners and sport boats.

– One of Marseille’s major attractions is situated near the Old Port, the “Basilica of Notre-Dame de la Garde”, which is situated on the city’s highest point. This beautiful church is located on a 162 metre-high hill, with a stunning gold-gilded statue of the Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus. And due to its location, it provides an amazing view of the city.

– If you enjoy museums, you should definitely visit the “Musée des Beaux-Arts”, the fine arts museum is the oldest in the whole of Marseille. Its collections cover paintings, drawings and sculptures, from the 16th to the 19th century, one of the museum’s treasures is its collection of Provencal paintings.

– If you enjoy being outside you should visit the “Calanques”. They are narrow and deep valleys in part submerged in water, bordered by limestone cliffs, some harbour little beaches others tiny shipping piers. The “Calanques” are the perfect setting for activities such as climbing, diving or you could just marvel at their beauty from a boat. Make the most of the emerald water and take a refreshing bath.

– Food: Bouillabaisse and Ratatouille are the two local dishes you just have to taste. Bouillabaisse is a fish soup and ratatouille a stewed vegetable dish. But you can also taste more international foods in one of the city’s many restaurants.

– Nightlife: Marseille is home to a plethora of bars and clubs. The best places for a good night out are the Old Port and Thiars Square. There are many ice cream parlours in Marseille, selling their icy goods. There are also many live music venues, theatres and cinemas, and therefore it is almost impossible to get bored there.

– Shopping: The majority of shops is open from Monday to Sunday and the city centre has a great variety of them to offer, if they are fancy labels or little boutiques selling Provencal souvenirs. “Bourse”, the city’s shopping centre, houses around 200 shops. But if you are looking for presents and souvenirs, the best place to find them is in between the Old Port and “Le Panier”.


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